Beautiful Leg Mehndi Designs for every occasion

By posted on June 18, 2020 4:13PM

Mehndi is an age-old natural temporary tattoo art that can be applied to any part of the body. this body art is popularly applied on the front and backhand area by women. Legs are another area where women love applying intricate henna mehndi designs. Foot mehndi designs are very popular with South Asian brides who beautify both their hands and feet with elaborate mehndi designs before their wedding day.

While henna on hands is a common sight in India with girls of every age adorning their hands with mehndi patterns henna on feet isn’t really that popular. Traditionally feet mehndi is considered a symbol of matrimony and women are supposed to apply henna on foot for the first time only before their wedding. After the wedding, it is common for women(suhagans) to apply foot mehndi designs for occasions like Diwali, Teej, and karva Chauth but these designs are simpler and more basic in nature.

Many types of leg mehndi designs for brides are available these days and you can choose anything from minimal to complex and heavy patterns to adorn your feet. Personally, I always advise brides to opt for minimal and simple patterns for feet while you pay more attention to the hands with very dense and elaborate patterns. This way you can save time on your mehndi event as minimal designs get applied faster and you can enjoy a bit of fun with your relatives and before your wedding day.

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