10 Indian Marriage Myths That Are Hilarious as Hell

By posted on September 29, 2019 3:22AM

Without a doubt, Indian weddings are one heck of a grand, vibrant, and arduous affair. There are so many pre and post-wedding rituals involved in a wedding function that it barely gives the bride and groom a chance to take a breath of relief.

When it comes to making the wedding function a successful affair, Indian families leave no stone unturned. Even if they have to follow superstitions, they will follow them without hesitating a bit just to ensure the blissfulness in a wedding function. The amusing thing is these beliefs and superstitions have been passed from one generation to another and people still follow them blindly.

Here are some Indian marriage myths that are hilarious as hell and make you question the intelligence and education of the people.

Indian Marriage Myths & Superstitions

1. Right Foot First

In a majority of the Indian traditions, the groom’s family welcomes the bride through a symbolic custom named ‘Rice Ritual’. In this ritual, a newlywed bride has to enter the house by kicking the Kalash full of rice with her right foot. It is considered a bad omen if the bride enters the house with her left foot first.

2. Rain on Wedding Day

Most of us love to dance in rain and savor the feeling of dinky drops on our faces. However, rain on the wedding day is something that every couple wishes not to happen. In some Indian traditions, rain on your wedding day is considered as a sign of good luck and happy life of the married couple.

3. Bride Carrying Knife

The very thought of an individual carrying knife all the time can scare the hell out of some people. However, in Punjabi wedding traditions, a bride-to-be has to carry a knife given by her mother after an engagement till the day she gets married. It is said that carrying a knife will protect the bride from negative sights and evil spirits.

4.  Full Moon

The beauty of the full moon can awe-struck anyone. In some of the Indian cultures, full moon on the wedding day, or a day or two before the wedding is considered as a sign of good omen.

5.  Good & Bad Sights

This myth is the most laughable one. If the bride or groom sees a black cat or the rainbow on their wedding day, it is considered as an indication of happiness and good luck. However, spotting the lizard or the pig is pure bad luck.

6.  The spill of The Milk

In north Indian weddings, spilling of the milk while boiling it during the wedding time is considered as a signal of misfortune and mayhem. (Seriously! We need to conduct deep research to figure out this enigmatic myth…LOL)

7. Lending the Wedding Dress

We have another hilarious Indian marriage myth in our kitty. If a bride lends her wedding dress to someone, it will bring misfortune to her but happiness and wealth to the other person. (Brides, here is one pointer to add in your checklist. Never lend your wedding dress)

8. Throwing Rice at Bride and Groom

In some cultures of Indian weddings, during the wedding function, throwing rice at the bride and groom is considered to be a good omen. It is said that throwing rice on them will bring happiness, luck, and opulence in their life.

9.  Shedding Tears on Bidaai Ceremony

In most of the cultures of Indian weddings, a bride shedding tears at her bidaai ceremony is considered as a good sign and also insinuates that with this cry, she will leave all her sorrow behind.


10. Picking Dishes

In some Indian cultures, there is a ritual in which 7 silver dishes are placed on the floor and the bride is asked to pick all those dishes without making the sound. It is said that the more sound dishes produce, the more bad luck and misfortune will hit the couple’s life.

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